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1st album “Purple Bloom     Release year: 2011 / Label: Purple Bloom / Code: PB-101 / UPC:885767566538, JAN:4524505306109

Purple Bloom


1. Hyades
2. El Dorado
3. Kisses Bloomed
4. Leanan Sidhe
5. Lucid Dream
6. Star Is Mine
7. Butterfly’s Sorrow


The release of their 1st album was originally scheduled for March but it was delayed, because some many incidents occurred in Japan by the 3.11 earthquake… Tsuyoshi’s parents lives in Fukushima, and many more. Finally, they released the album Sep 13, 2011.
The album produced by themselves. All tunes were recorded in their tatami room, and remastered for this album. The artworks also are designed by themselves.
Linden is a professional lyricist in Japan. Lyrics translated into English are included for only CD.

All tracks written, produced & manufactured by Purple Bloom
(P)(C)2011 Purple Bloom, except track 1 (C)2010 Universal Music Publishing LLC

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Compilation album “The Sun Rises In The East“   Release year: 2012 / Label: Shiny Happy Records / Code: SHR 15

The Sun Rises In The East

“Star Is Mine” was recorded in the compilation album was released in Indonesia. (Buy CD-R: Worldwide)





Compilation album “Rock Back for Japan Vol.1“   Release year: 2011 / Label: Patetico Recordings / Code: PR0051

Rock Back for Japan Vol.1

Our song “Kisses Bloomed” is the first track on the album “Rock Back for Japan Vol. 1″ – 2011 Tohoku Japan earthquake tsunami disaster relief fund compilation series. (Buy CD: US) (MP3 Downloads: US) (Buy CD & MP3 downloads & T-shirts: Worldwide) (Buy CD: Japan)





Compilation album “Delicious Compi ~Love~“   
                               Release year: 2010 / Label: Delicious Deli Records in Universal Music / Code: PROI-1053

Delicious compi ~Love~

Our song “Hyades” was recorded in a compilation album “Delicious compi ~Love~” by Delicious Deli Records in Universal Music.
Because we are winner in the audition, sponsored by Delicious Deli Records in Universal Music, MySpace Japan and TOKYO FM. (Buy CD: Japan) (MP3 Downloads: Japan)
[Sorry, you can only use Rakuten Books & iTunes Music Store in Japan]





Other Works
ALL THE STARS WILL FALL Linden sings two tracks in album “ALL THE STARS WILL FALL” by Astrobrite. The album on sale in Japan earlier than in the world.





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